Jurors Seated in Former PC Firefighter's Murder Trail

Local attorneys spent the all day Monday selecting jurors to hear the murder trial of a former Panama City firefighter.

Proceedings began Monday morning with Joseph Moody turning down the state's offer of a plea deal.

Instead of pleading guilty to second degree murder and serving a life sentence he will face trial for first degree murder.

Panama City Police say Moody ambushed his former girlfriend, Megan Pettis, in the parking lot of a West 23rd Street shopping center in March of last year.

Attorneys have spent a lot of time asking potential jurors about their prior knowledge of the case, since it has received an extensive amount of media coverage.

There was speculation judge Michael Overstreet would order a change of venue because of pre trial publicity, but that hasn't happened.

7 men and 7 women were picked Monday to hear the case.

Opening statements set to start Tuesday at 9:00 in the morning with the state calling it's first witnesses.