Justice for Abortion Pill Switch

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Reme Jo Lee was given what she thought was an antibiotic, but was given an abortion pill instead. Now a year after she lost her baby, state lawmakers are on the verge of making the crime a felony.

Reme Lee’s troubles began on Good Friday last year. That when her fiancee gave her an abortion pill disguised as an antibiotic. By Easter Sunday she had lost her baby. Police found they could not charge the boyfriend except for product tampering.

Rep. Larry Ahern of Pineallas County was blunt. “Their only reason for this is to kill that child”

Reme sat in the front row of the House Gallery with her father. She cried as lawmakers described her ordeal while debating a bill to kill an unknown child. Ahern told fellow house members in debate Friday, “So the child gets a death sentence, and Reme Lee and her family get a life sentence. They suffer everyday.”

Opponents who sympathize with the woman say the legislation is much too broad.

“Its unenforceable and it is part of a war on women”, said Rep. Elaine Schwartz of Broward County

And as the House prepared to vote, Reme’s tears turned to a smile.

“74 yeas, 42 nays Mr. Speaker. Show the bill passes.”

Afterwards, clutching the ultrasound Memphis, the child who’ll never be born, Reme says justice is being done. “I hope this serves as a deterrent so other people don’t have to suffer like my family has and Mr. Weldon’s family has suffered as well. And that people will respect pregnancy and pregnant women.

“I’m very proud of my daughter but its been a very hard road to follow.”

The legislation still has to be approved by the full Senate but it has been discussed there.”

Reme says she will be back to the Capitol when Senators debate and send the bill to the Governor the week after next.

The legislation does not require prosecutors to prove intent, or that the offender knew the woman was pregnant.

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