Justice for Reme Lee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Legislation protecting an unborn fetus is on its way to the Governor. The legislation was inspired by a Tampa woman who was given an abortion inducing drug disguised as an anti-biotic. Watching the legislation was an emotional experience.

Reme Lee lost her unborn child Easter Day 2013. She was tricked into taking an abortion pill. John Andrew Welden is serving a decade in federal prison on product tampering charges. We asked Reme if she felt the sentence was long enough. "Are you ever supposed to feel from the person that hurt you the most who took the most precious thing away from me"

Lee and her family arrived at the State Capitol early and spent a day watching the State Senate before legislation allowing up to a life sentence for hurting a fetus was debated.

Sen Kelli Stargel of Lakeland, “Say if you kill that baby, you're gonna go to jail for that because you've done this violence against a woman."

Reme says her hope is that other women won't be tricked as she was. "I hope that even if one women gets to hold their baby as a result than this will all be worth it to me."

And her father Jim says the ordeal has had an effect on multiple generations. "This would have been my mother's first great-grandchild, my wife and I's first grandchild and it'll always live with us."

"Reme Lee may have one more trip to make back here to the state Capitol, to watch the Governor sign the legislation. And Remy says if and when the legislation is signed by the Governor, she's going to give him a hug.

The family has filed a civil lawsuit against the pharmacy that provided the pill.

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