KC 10 Arrives to Tyndall AFB

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BAY COUNTY-- Tyndall Air Force Base officials gave NewsChannel 7 a look inside what they call the "Cadillac of the Sky."

The Travis KC 10 arrived on base around 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

The tanker can carry about 50 passengers, a full load of cargo for six jets and enough gas to take jets overseas.

Tyndall's 43rd and 96 fighter squadron will use this aircraft to practice re-fueling jets at night.

"The U.S. Air Force is the strongest air force in the world and the reason for that is our ability to project power anywhere in the world on a moment's notice and how we do that is with an airplane like a KC 10," said Glen Richards, 43rd Fighter Squadron Director of Operations.

The KC 10 is the biggest aircraft jet re-fueler in the world. Eight Tyndall pilots will be training with it until Thursday.