Washington County FCAT Scores Improve

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WASHINGTON COUNTY Washington County students and teachers have a lot to celebrate.
Besides today's ground-breaking, there are also some academic successes. The district experienced big improvements on this year's F-CAT.

Kate M. Smith elementary reading teacher Ashley Kilpatrick is proud of her third grade class.

"We worked very hard this year implementing the new common core state standards,” she said. “And they have adapted very well to them and we are proud. And they are proud of their scores as well."

Washington County students' FCAT scores improved a full two points in reading, math, and writing assessments. Fourth, eighth and tenth graders all had increases on the writing assessments portion of the test. Eighth graders increased almost a full point in math.

"It’s not easy and here in Washington County, without the benefits of all new tools that students in some other parts of the state have,” said Senator Don Gaetz. ” This county and these students have increased their performance dramatically."

Roulhac Middle School Principal Kyle Newsom hopes to continue the trend.

"Well obviously we'd love to have 100 percent proficient. When the scores came out if looked at them and I thought ‘well, we just gonna move forward form here.’ And the silver lining was that we did increase our scores.”

"I think it’s historic that we have students in a rural community like this who are helping to lead the state in learning gains in reading and mathematics and writing. That I think is historic," explained Gaetz.
The district will receive the second part of the FCAT score next month.

Calhoun county students also increased FCAT scores, with 4th graders making a large improvement in writing.