Keeping Kids Safe Through Fingerprinting

Parents were able to use a resource today that could potentially help save their children's lives in the future.

S.I.P. Kids or "Safety In Print" is a national child safety organization that tours the country providing parents with free digital fingerprints for their children through the Keeping Kids Safe Project.

More than 100 people showed up to get their prints done this weekend. Parents gave parents a copy of the fingerprints to keep and a recent photo of their child in the event the unthinkable happens and the child goes missing.

For Lindsay Vazquez, the time it takes to get the fingerprints done is certainly worth it. "In a big or small town, doesn't matter, you know you'll have something right there instead of just giving a picture, you'll have fingerprints - that's helpful," she said.

Officials say they do not store the information in their computers or have it sent to a database, it's only given to the parents.

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