Kevin Jeffries' First Degree Murder Trial Continues

PANAMA CITY-- Local prosecutors will continue presenting their cases Wednesday morning in the first degree murder trial of an Atlanta man.

They began calling witnesses Tuesday to testify against 28 year old Kevin Jeffries.

Jeffries, along with his cousin, 28 year old David Challender and Jeffries' fiance 29 year old Ashley Griffin are accused of torturing, killing and robbing 90 year old Wallace Scott in April 2013.

Prosecutors say the suspects did not pick Scott randomly.

Challender's mother Sheri Mercer was the victim's caretaker and eventually had a romantic relationship with Scott.

At one point, Scott even changed his will, making Mercer the beneficiary.

But in the weeks leading up to his death, a close friend testified Scott had a change of heart.

"In the four years I'd known him, I've never known him to be concerned about his personal safety, and he was," David Middlebrooks, a friend of Scott, said. "And I think he was looking for some direction. I told him part of it he needed to talk to the sheriff's office about. And part of it, he needed to get an attorney to get something undone or get something resolved."

Mercer is expected to testify Wednesday.

Jeffries' fiance, Griffin, took the stand for the state on Tuesday.

She's pleading guilty to second degree murder and other charges in exchange for a 20 year sentence.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Jeffries.