Khobar Towers Memorial Service Honors Fallen

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On June 25, 1996, nineteen airmen from Eglin Air Force base were killed during a terrorist bombing in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. A huge truck-bomb was detonated next to an eight story building housing us military personnel. Airman Brian Henson - who was a member of the 33rd fighter wing - was stationed in nearby Dhahran.

"Seeing the wounded troops. Going to see the young kids cause they were twenty years old. Twenty, twenty year old airmen. And we had to go back and they were medevac’d out so we had to make sure they were all taken care of" said Henson.

Tuesday, servicemen and women along with families of the fallen visited the Eglin Air Force Base memorial on the anniversary of the attack to remember those lost.

"It's an honor really. And the thing is we cannot forget what happened and i think that because Eglin and Patrick Air Force Base remember each year then our American community won't forget. And that's why we come every year so we won't forget" said Widow Shyrl Johnson.

Henson says it's important to remember how strong America is even when tragedy strikes.

"It's an experience of American perseverance. It's an experience of a unit coming together in time of need. Never was it an experience that we were beaten or hurt cause we weren't. We were certainly affected but we were not hurt" said Henson.
Today's ceremony ended with a moment of silence and a 21 gun salute.