Kings Point Residents Upset Over Dredging Project

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KINGS POINT-- Last year commissioners approved a plan to dredge some of the canals in Kings Point.

Under the agreement the county would pay about $100,000, Panama City would pay about $50,000, and the property owners would pay the rest, about $5,000 apiece.

The project is now complete and the total bill is around $720,000.

That's about one percent over the original cost estimates.

Residents will have to pay an extra $71.

"Perhaps we should've, could've, would've stepped in a little earlier in this process before it got to the commission. That's what I prefer. This is one of those things that no one anticipated and there were some assumptions because we were not the contract or the contractor in this case directly," said Guy Tunnell, Bay County Commissioner.

County manager Ed Smith will work with Panama City Manager Jeffrey Brown one the issue, but commissioners said this is not the county's contract.