Krewe of St. Andrews Starts Preparations for Mardi Gras

PANAMA CITY - The Krewe of St. Andrews is finishing up early preparations for the annual St. Andrews Mardi Gras parade next month.

Earlier Saturday evening, nearly 200 members of the Krewe of St. Andrews came together for the blessing of the floats at their new den off Airport Road. That's where they keep the decorated floats for the annual parade in downtown St. Andrews.

A local priest blessed each individual float to ensure the krewe's safety and success for the parade.

"What we really want to do is help support some of the other crews from around town. We're a large, successful crew and we want to help some of the other crews to make sure Mardi Gras doesn't go away," said Woodie Newmans of the Krewe of St. Andrews.

The Mardi Gras kids parade is on February 21st and the main parade is on the 22nd.