Largest Jackpot in Powerball Up for Grabs

Some select their own lucky numbers.

“My children’s date of birth and just add some more numbers in there.”

Others leave fate up to the computers.

“Quick Pick.”

But everyone buying a Powerball Ticket has a plan to spend all that cash.

“Keep half of it, pay off all my bills and then I’d donate the rest.”

“Buy a house you know, some land you know, spread it amongst my people,” said William Cooks.

“Help my church and help my family,” said Hester Copeland.

The Powerball jackpot is at a record high. More than half a billion dollars is on the line, and one lucky ticket holder may become the country’s next multi-millionaire.

“Hope I’m the only one who wins, oh the money,” said Katrina Wyche.

As news of the record jackpot spread the gamblers lined up to buy their two dollar ticket and face the one in 175 million odds.

And the winning numbers will be selected at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee, behind those closed doors, under tight security.

Inside, the balls took a test spin in the lottery machines just hours before the big drawing. The entire country is focused on Florida to see who will win.

“It was very important for us when we had the opportunity to competitively bid to get Powerball here at the Florida Lottery Headquarters. We wanted to showcase Florida to the nation,” said Cynthia O’Connell with the Florida Lottery.

And if no one wins Wednesday night, then Florida will take center stage again. Another drawing would be held Saturday, and the jackpot would be even higher.

Powerball tickets were selling at a pace of more than 8,600 a minute in Florida. In the eight weeks, it took to build the 500 million dollar jackpot 45 million dollars have been raised for education.