"Lasik for a Local Teacher"

A Bay County teacher should soon be seeing life more clearly after winning a contest.

Everitt Middle School P.E. teacher David Barron admits coaching can be rough on his glasses.

In fact he goes through several pair every year.

His wife secretly entered him in a contest sponsored by the Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union, and The Eye Center called "Lasik for a Local Teacher."

"He's a middle school P.E. coach and so he's always outside with the kids and we were spending a lot of money on repairing glasses, getting glasses. cause he's a very active teacher," said Beverly Barron, Rutherford teacher.

Barron was chosen from a large pool of candidates to receive the blade free laser surgery which he had earlier today.

The coach will have to take it easy for the next couple of weeks but after that it's all systems go.

Tonight at ten we'll take a look at the advances in lasik surgery and find out if it's becoming more affordable.