Late Night Pizza Run, Craving or Burglary?

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About 4:30 Sunday morning a man broke into Pana Roma Pizza & Pasta on West 23rd St.
Surveillance cameras inside the restaurant captured a white man breaking the glass window, then climbing inside.
"He remained in the business for approximately 40 minutes," said Detective Tony Phinney with the Panama City Police Department.
But apparently he left empty handed.
"I did not see him take anything from the business, from what I can see on the security video," said Phinney.
Tony Dibella, the owner of the restaurant received three calls from his security alarm system about the same time the man broke-in, but initially, he did not call police.
"So, they called me, I told them to ignore it, because it happened about 6-7 times previously. So the second time they called, I ignored it again,” said Dibella. “The third time I said ‘ok, send an officer over to the building, if anything's wrong call me.’"
"The patrol did arrive at 5:19, within minutes of receiving the call," said Phinney.
But, by then, it was too late, the suspect had already taken off.
Phinney said that having a false alarm is common so it is not uncommon for people ignore the alarm.
"It's typical sometimes to have false alarms, that could have been one of these instances."
Thursday, things were back to normal at Pana Roma.
but the Dibella's are still curious about their burglar's motives.
"To cool down a little bit with the air conditioner on, he didn't take nothing, we're glad no one got hurt," said Dibella.
If you have any information about this case, please call the Panama City Police Department at 872-3112.

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