Latest Statistics Show Florida Crime Declining

The total number of crimes fell 5.7 percent from last year which translates into 43,536 fewer crimes in 2012. The number of violent crimes was down 4.3 percent or 4,218 fewer crimes reported.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey said, “While Florida’s population continues to increase, the number of crimes continues to fall. This report is good news for Florida families, businesses and visitors. I commend our law enforcement professionals in their efforts to keep us safe.”

Non–violent crime decreased 5.9 percent or a reduction of 39,318 reported crimes compared to 2011. The value of stolen property decreased by 9.1 percent while the value of property recovered increased 2.7 percent. Total arrests increased 0.8 percent from 2011.

Overall domestic violence fell 3.3 percent. While there were 3,635 fewer victims of domestic violence in 2012, cohabitants continue to be the largest group of victims in this category, with spouses remaining the second largest group.

Crimes committed by firearms continue to drop in 2012, down 2.0 percent with 489 fewer crimes committed with guns in 2012.

The report also contains information on officers killed feloniously. Two law enforcement officers and one correctional officer died from criminal causes while on duty during 2012. In addition, two law enforcement officers died accidentally during the course of duty.

The complete 2012 Annual Uniform Crime Report, including county-by-county breakdowns, can be found on FDLE’s website at