Laurel Hill Senior Celebrates 13 Years Of Perfect Attendance

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Senior Chelsea Smith will be graduating from Laurel Hill School in June with some major accomplishments under her belt. Not only is she receiving a college associates degree along with her high school diploma she can also say over the past thirteen years she has never missed a day of school.

“When I was little my grandfather never missed work and we had a competition that I would never miss school. And then these last couple of years my grandma told me these are my years so you're not missing. I don't care what it takes you're not going to miss and i was like OK" said Chelsea Smith.

As for Chelsea’s teachers... Well they're not surprised.

"I’ve had her in class several years. She's always energetic. She's cheerful. She's very bright" said Laurel Hill School Teacher Lena Steele.

"She's someone that when she walks into a room and she talks to people everyone wants to listen to her because she's fun" said Laurel Hill School Teacher Jennifer Crews.

Chelsea says the entire school supports her even though friends have jokingly threatened to end her streak.

"They have tried to actually sabotage this. Yes. They have told me they’re going to barricade my road. They're going to beat me over the head with a shovel. I've gotten all kinds of different threats for me to not have perfect attendance so" said Smith.

All jokes aside, Chelsea has set herself up for a very bright future.

"The habits that she's developed now are definitely going to help her later on” said Crews.

"I just love learning. I love the environment. Being around people" said Smith.

"I’m going to miss her being here. I wish there were more students like her" said Steele.

Chelsea aspires to be a Neonatologist after receiving her education. She's already taking college biology and several math classes.