Law Enforcement Honor Service Dogs

PARKER - Sunday went to the dogs.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office sponsored its 6th annual K-9 Veterans Day Memorial Service at Veterans Park in Parker.

About a dozen law enforcement and therapy dogs were honored at the event.

The service is part of March 13th's National K-9 Veterans Day.

The event is a way for locals and law enforcement to say 'thank you' for the dog's hard work.

"It means everything to me. I've spent the last 12 years in our K-9 unit and I really enjoy it and this event it really a great time for me to one time a year to just show the pride that we have and the honor that we show for these dogs," said Lt. Kevin Francis, Bay Co. Sheriff's Office.

The local Sheriff's Office has put on this event for six years now.

Organizers have held the event in nearly every city in Bay County.

Next year, they will host the service in Springfield.