Law Enforcement Increase Patrols For Holiday Weekend

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Several times a year, sheriff’s deputies from Okaloosa and Walton County increase their presence on northwest Florida roads and this weekend it will be no different.

“Our traffic division as well as our special enforcement division will be stepping up patrols this holiday weekend and in particular new year’s eve with the primary focus targeting and looking for detecting dui or impaired drivers” said Deputy Sheriff Michael Gallagher.

That focus will really heat up an six o’clock Monday night as many head to parties to ring in the new year. Along with Okaloosa county the Walton county sheriff’s office is also increasing patrols for the holiday weekend. Both offices say the main thing to remember is to pay attention to where you’re going, always use a seatbelt and make sure you have a designated driver.

“We just want to stress that anyone who plans on consuming alcohol, they need to number one focus on planning their party. Having designated drivers, utilizing taxi cabs or abstaining” said Gallagher.

Okaloosa County Deputy Sheriff Michael Gallagher says officers aren’t looking to arrest anyone but they will if needed.

“We want people to have a safe and happy holiday. A lot of the public goes out just to visit family and friends and have fun party etc” said Gallagher.

Deputy Sheriff Gallagher says if someone sees a driver under the influence don’t be afraid to call 911 because it could save someone’s life.

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