League Of Women Voters Hosts Mexico Beach Forum

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MEXICO BEACH - Mexico Beach voters got the chance tonight to hear from some of the candidates running for city offices.

The Bay County League of Women Voters sponsored a candidate forum tonight at the Mexico Beach Civic Center.

Of the six candidates, only three showed up.

Mary Blackburn, Jeff Tendler and Incumbent Council member Tanya Castro participated. Tom Bailey, Bill McGlothlin, and Incumbent Council member Gary Woodham were no-shows.

Voters say they want to be treated better by council members and want more input during the council meetings.

Blackburn responded to the question about involvement by saying, "I think it's gonna be a challenge specifically...I think i'm gonna beg, beg people to get involved."

Castro's answer was "I'd love to see a community....a Citizens Advisory Committee. We don't have that in our town."

Tendler added, "I've always believed that, you get a group of people together, you're gonna come up with a lot of ideas you didn't think of."

Mexico Beach's Election Day is next Tuesday.