League of Women Voters Says No On All Eleven

The League of Women Voters says none of the eleven proposed amendments put on the ballot by Republican state lawmakers deserve to be in the Constitution. They are especially concerned with number three which limits state revenue collections, and four, which lowers property taxes by 11 billion dollars over the next decade.

Rob Gray from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says the amendments sound good, but "This sound bite so simple, the sound bite is so easy, but it is so complicated and the impact is so severe".

In the same conference call, the League's President Diedre McNab says all eleven are bad ideas. "These are very complicated. The number of them challenge our most sacred principals of American government, which is separation of church and state and balance of power".

But the Florida Chamber, which supports six of the eleven ballot questions, including the ones the League hates most, says people need to think critically. "To blindly vote for or against anything is just not an informed decision".

While the League is urging the "No" vote on all eleven amendments. They have printed a million copies of a voter's guide, which they say is strictly informational.

Jessica Lowe-Minor says the League does want you to make up your own mind. "Once the people become educated, they're more likely to vote no, because the amendments on the ballot are so problematic this year".

Several of the amendments change public policy that's been in place a century or more.

Adding to the confusion is that the amendments are numbered one through twelve, but there are only eleven ballot questions. There is no number seven.

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