Leaked DNA a Match for Quarterback Jameis Winston

FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston provided DNA to investigators last week. Now Winston’s attorney is blasting the leaking of results that tie his client to the alleged victim.

Attorney Tim Jansen says the DNA match is not a surprise.

“I'm not surprised by the result because we fully anticipated that his DNA may be there. But that has nothing to do with him be exonerated. [So you're saying this was consensual?] That's it- absolutely," said Jansen.

State Attorney Willie Meggs denied leaking the DNA results and indicted his investigators are close to making a decision in the case.

"We have to talk to our victim before we do anything," said Meggs.

A statement released by the alleged victim’s attorney blasts Tallahassee police for their handling of the case, it says the victim was devastated when she learned police had informed Winston’s attorney in February, allowing him to create a defense.

Late Wednesday, Tallahassee police held a hastily called news conference. They denied they had every said the case was closed.

"It was classified as inactive but open," said Tallahassee Police Chief Tom Coe.

Florida State has one home game, one away game, and two potential championship games on its schedule but that State Attorney says he's not going to make his decisions based on what's happening there.

"We have made a lot of progress this week, today (November 21) is Thursday. We worked pretty diligently on it. We've interviewed, talked to a lot of people," said Meggs.

Meggs also refused to discuss why DNA was taken from a second person described as a witness in the case.

A decision on whether to prosecute someone could come as early as Friday. Prosecutor Willie Meggs says he will be meeting with his investigators Friday morning.