Leave it to Beaver Star Speaks to Locals about Diabetes

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PANAMA CITY -- A 1950's television icon was in town Friday, talking about a major health issue. Jerry Mathers, better known as the Beaver from Leave it to Beaver, spoke at the FSU Panama City campus about living with diabetes.

Mathers says it's about healthy lifestyle habits. Diabetes runs in Corliss Clary's family.

Panama City Beach Resident Corliss Clary said, "I have seen members of my family lose limbs and vision kidneys…"

Clary doesn't have the disease, but she says she came to Friday’s program with Jerry Mathers to educate herself in case she is diagnosed. Clary wasn't the only one.

"A hundred people that had to get information about their diabetes. You know a lot of people show up at health fairs and don't even know they have diabetes until they get that finger prick," said Chris Mitchell PANCARE representative.
"It's just a finger prick and the results will show your blood sugar levels."
Mathers told the audience that a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve their diabetic condition. He should know, he was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996.

He went a diet, lost about 60 pounds, and now watches what he eats. He also exercises regularly.

As a result, Mathers says he's been able to reverse his diabetes.

"Life is too good to waste and I’m just trying to tell people to take notice of their diabetes,” said Mathers

Apparently his message struck a chord with some.
"I thought I had knew a lot about diabetes but I learned a lot more today and i learned about the struggles that people can have being diabetics,” said Clary.

Mathers has been a long-time advocate for better diabetes care. He's currently touring the country, conducting these seminars. For more information, log onto www.jerrymathers.com.