Less Invasive Skin Cancer Treatment Now Available in Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach - A less invasive procedure to remove basal cell carcinoma is now available in Panama City Beach

"So it allows you to take out as little healthy skin as possible and be as precise as you can be in moving the cancer so that people can go on with out serious disfigurement later," says Dr. Jon Ward at Gulf Coast Dermatology.

The traditional way to treat skin cancer is to remove a significant portion of the skin where the melanoma is found.

But as Dr. Ward mentions, this procedure, known as MOHS, the recovery time and scarring is drastically decreased.

"In the case of the face: someone's nose, someone's lips, someone's eye-lid, someone's ear, you want to take out as little skin as possible because the more skin you take out, the bigger the scar is going to be."

One of the patients Thursday at Gulf Coast Dermatology was Sam Hughes. Sam got the Mohs procedure done around his ear,

"Well I don't want to wait two weeks to find out if my face is going to be missing, I want to know now."

And as Dr. Ward explains, it's the biggest reason why more and more people like Sam are selecting Mohs over the more traditional, more invasive way,

"It is the best and most accurate way to remove the cancers. How many people when you're dealing with the word cancer, they want to know that it's gone?