First Liberty Co. School District Meeting Since Uzzell's Suspension

Liberty County School Board members met for the first time Friday night since Governor Rick Scott removed Superintendent Gloria Uzzell from office.

Uzzell surrendered to liberty county sheriff's investigators Wednesday after the Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued a warrant for her arrest.

The meeting room at the liberty county school board offices was packed again Friday night.

School board members say it's been that way for the last few weeks, since news broke about Uzell's misuse of school money.

Authorities say Uzzell applied for a credit card under the school board's name, then used it for personal transactions, including a $2,000 shopping spree in Bay County.

Uzzell surrendered to Sheriff's officials Wednesday morning on charges of grand theft, official misconduct, and failing to release public records.

Governor Scott supended her from office later that afternoon.

Friday night, only one person spoke about Uzell during the public comment portion of the meeting, who was a lawyer, representing a former school district employee who claims uzzell harrrassed her, then wrongly fired her.

"There would be cases where employees were told they could not friend someone on facebook because they had somehow offended the school superintendent or they could not speak with other employees because those employees were not within her favor. This is a constitutional republic. We don't appreciate people abusing power," said attorney Homer "Mac" McMillan.

As for who's filling Uzzell's seat, board members say they expect Scott to appoint an interim supereintendent by the middle of next week.

Until then, School District Employee Kathy Nobels will handle Uzzell's daily administrative responsibilities.

Two of the three charges Uzzell is facing are felonies, the other is a misdemeanor.