Liberty County Possibly Gettting New High School

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LIBERTY COUNTY Liberty School District Officials will soon find out if they can break ground on a new high school next year. They can't afford to pay for a new school by themselves; they'll need the state's help.

Since Liberty County High School opened its doors back in 1981, some say it hasn't seen much improvement.

"This is actually a school I graduated from, back in 1994, and it hasn't changed much, and being from a small community I know everybody's gonna be excited about the new school," explained Principal Aaron Day.

For the past two years, district officials have been working to build a new Liberty County High School.

Florida Department of Education officials recently inspected the existing school and agreed…it doesn't make the grade.

"Any time you have a school old as this one, you're gonna have some structural issues and maintenance is a problem. We do have leaking of the roofs, you know, our air conditioners shot, its always having to be repaired," said Day.

On August 15th, DOE officials will hold a meeting with area school districts vying for special facilities funding.

If they believe Liberty County needs a new high school, they'll make that recommendation to the legislature.

"We have a small tax base,” said Liberty County Schools Director of Administration Kathy Nobles. “Therefore we could not afford to, or generate enough taxes to actually fund a new high school."

District officials expect the new high school to cost around $18 million. The county will pay $1 million of that.

"It will have cutting edge technology. It will afford our students to have the same as other students in other larger counties."

District leaders say the school will be built near the sports facilities. It’s expected to accommodate more than 500 students.

They’ll move the district's administration offices to the current high school.

If the legislature approves the funding next session, it will head to the governor's desk for final approval.