Liberty County Sheriff Accused of Sexual Harassment

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Bristol- Jennifer Bailey claimed Liberty County Sheriff, Nick Finch made unwanted sexual advances toward her. According to her attorney, Jim Garrity- it all started with a shoulder rub.

"That sort of ambiguous behavior is something I've seen over the years as a test by people who are inclined to engage in harassment. It's to see how the victim will respond."

According to Bailey, it wasn't long before Finch's advances became more direct.

Garrity told us:

"On another occasion, the Sheriff placed his hand on her side and began sliding it up toward her breast until his hand either reached the breast or was close enough to it. At which point, again, Ms. Bailey made it very clear that kind of behavior was unwelcome and that she would not tolerate it. On a third occasion, Ms. Bailey allegedly said that the sheriff approached her from the rear, grabbed her hair, began kissing and licking her neck."

Bailey claimed she 'froze in fear' and told the sheriff, 'this can't happen.' She said he replied, 'no one will ever have to know.'

"There is no question that Ms. Bailey at all times made it very clear that all of this behavior was unwelcome and that it would not be tolerated" Garrity said. "And as a result, she lost her job fairly quickly."

Bailey claimed the proof her termination was a direct result of her not submitting to Finch's sexual advances was the fact that she received a raise from $15 to $20 dollars an hour two weeks after Finch took office because he told her she had been doing such a good job.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has 180 days to complete the investigation or Bailey can move forward pressing charges.

News Channel 7 left several messages with Sheriff Finch for comment, but he did not return our calls.

Bailey's Attorney said the complaint with the EEOC was filed before Finch's arrest and suspension for allegedly releasing an inmate and destroying the arrest record of a man accused of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

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