Lifepak Air Cards come to Northern Walton County

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WALTON COUNTY-- It is called the Lifepak Air Cards and they are used to transmit EKG data when patients are in route to the hospital.

North Walton County fire rescue officials have been working with the new tool for the past two weeks

While paramedics can give patients an EKG in the ambulance, doctors back in the hospital's emergency room can see the test results in real time.

"When the paramedics sends the EKG directly to the emergency room, we see the heart attack happening, we call the cardiologist in so when the patient arrives, the treatment time is much shorter,” said Dr. Steve Noggle, North Okaloosa Medical Center.

They can also provide feedback and instructions to the paramedics.

Both Okaloosa County and South Walton fire officials use these lifepak cards.

"North Walton County started reaching out and saying, we recognize the need for this, because most of the time, up front the cost and the training and the things like that, is what keeps these county agencies to move forward,” said Rachel Neighbors, Managing Director of the North Okaloosa Medical Center.

Paramedic Johnathan Davis says, this new tool will allow him to help those with cardiac problems.

"It is one less step we have to take. Giving the report, getting to the hospital, they are already seeing what we see in the back of the truck,” said Paramedic Johnathan Davis.

This is a collaboration between North Okaloosa Medical Center and Okaloosa Heart & Vascular Center, and North Walton fire officials .

North Okaloosa Medical officials have spent more than $15,000 for 12 lifepak cards for EMS.