Lightning Sparks House Fire

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HILAND PARK - Severe weather may be flooding parts of Northwest Florida, but it's also sparking fires.

A Hiland Park family is picking up the pieces after a fire destroys their home in the pouring rain.

Officials say lightning started the blaze on Oak Forest Drive around 1:30 Sunday afternoon.

Bay County Fire officials say a man and his wife were at home when they heard a loud noise and smelled smoke coming from the attic.

The ran out of their home and called 9-1-1.

Bay County and Lynn Haven fire crews say the roof collapsed into the attic.

However, they managed to contain the fire to the second floor.

"The big thing right now is we have so much water, not just from the rain, but from our fire attack. There's a lot of water on the second floor and its leaking down," said Capt. Wayne Gilmore, Bay Co. Fire.

Officials were able to save a lot of the families personal items like photos.

They say everyone made it out of the house safely before the fire spread.

If you think your house may have been struck by lightning, call your local fire department.