Lights, Camera, Action! East Side Story Filming Underway

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From the dance floor to the big screen, professional dancer Cheon Wespi-Tschopp makes his move acting debut in the independent film East Side Story, filmed right here in Panama City Beach.

"We're extremely excited. We could barely sleep last night we were so excited," said Wespi-Tschopp.

If you're a fan of dance, chances are you'll recognize Wespi-Tschopp. He came out on top of last season's hugely popular So You Think You Can Dance reality show.

"It's something that I've always loved to do. I always like to be kind of like the center of attention, and obviously just do what I love to do," Wespi-Tschopp told NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"Fair to say this is like a dream come true for you?" asked Anderson.

"Definitely," Wespi-Tschopp answered.

And joining him as co-star, another familiar face in the dance world, also from So You Think You Can Dance Season 8- Witney Carson.

"I didn't even think that I would make it to the first round in Vegas on So You Think You Can Dance, and now I'm here doing a movie. It's just crazy, not in my wildest dreams," said Carson.

East Side Story's filming finally got underway Sunday with the Shores of Panama as the backdrop.

"Absolutely a lot of fun. It was just a new experience," Wespi-Tschopp said.

"What do you think of Panama City Beach?" Anderson asked Carson.

"Oh my gosh, it's so breathtaking," said Carson.

Original West Side Story cast member David Winters is directing the spin off and said he couldn't have picked two better lead actors.

"First of all their dancing is magnificent. I think they're chemistry is excellent. It makes my job easier," Winters said.

Filimg will continue over the next few months throughout Panama City Beach. If you'd like to be an extra, click the link below for more information.

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