Lights, Camera, Action! Sci-Fi Horror Movie Being Filmed in Marianna

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Marianna- The woods and Florida Cavers State Park seem like an unlikely setting for a shark movie, but that was the setting for Jim Wynorski's upcoming sci-fi thriller, "Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre.

"It's a prison movie mixed with a monster movie," Producer, Rafael Diaz Wagner said.

He explained that the film was about oil frackers who accidentally cracked into a prehistoric ocean beneath the earth's surface. That released prehistoric sharks that came to the surface near a women's prison. The sharks, capable of living on land, trapped a group of escaped inmates in a swamp.

"I don't want to give too much away but, let's just say it get's interesting," actor Serafin Falcon said.

Falcon played the role of Mike, a prison guard. After landing gigs in the Soprano's, Graceland and Burn Notice, Falcon said his career had taken him all over the globe... but never to Marianna.

As for his first trip, "cold! Very Cold," he laughed. "I'm not used to 30 degree weather and having to stay out here in it, but its great. I like to sometimes just take a little walk off set and take it all on because you definitely don't have all this in Los Angeles."

Falcon was not the only one enjoying the natural scenery. "You can't green screen this," Wagner said, "it's incredible."

It was also pretty incredible for the local economy.

"I like using the local people. Not only because it generates business but, its good for everyone," Wagner told us.

He also said the positive experience set the stage for future film projects, adding, "I'll be back. If not by the end of the year, next year for sure."

The crew was setting their sights on the Sci-Fi Channel, where the film will likely appear in the coming year.

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