Local Artists Build Sand Sculpture

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We've all played in the sand a time or two in our lives trying to create that perfect castle worthy of a picture.

“We started playing in the sand when we started traveling a couple years ago. My background is I’m an architect. I was an architect for 37 years designing resort homes around the world" said Rick Mungeam.

After perfecting the art of sand building Rick Mungeam and his wife Capri started their own business and get paid to play. Along with a good friend they're creating a holiday backdrop, worthy of your family Christmas card.

"What it is, is, Mark from Sand Odyssey myself with Beach Sand Sculptures and my wife Capri Mungeam. We're kind of working together here to create a sand sculpture that people can come down and have their photograph taken" said Rick Mungeam.

The artists usually spend an entire day, and countless amounts of sand, working on a sculpture.

"How many tons of sand do I shovel a week? Drew I don't know if I really want to know that" said Rick Mungeam.

Building the perfect sand sculpture takes years of practice. You need the right amount of water, sand, and patience to make it all work. And while my best efforts only produced a hill of sand rick and mark are total pros and they love what they do.

"I like meeting the public. Especially after a piece is completed. Yea I like chatting with the public about it." Said Mark Flynn.
Usually Rick and Mark don't tell people what they're building, so they have to come back and see it but this time he decided to spill the secret.

"We are going to be doing a Christmas tree and a nutcracker and we'll have a sign out there that says Merry Christmas and we'll probably have something like presents wrapped around the bottom of it” said Rick Mungeam.

The sculptures will be on public display Saturday and Sunday from nine a.m. to five p.m. You can take a photo with the sculptures for 10-dollars.