Local Ambulance Service Takes People Home for Christmas

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Some nursing home patients had the chance to go home for Christmas. It's all thanks to a local ambulance service and their Home for the Holidays campaign.

This is the 2nd year that Life Guard Ambulance service is bringing people home for the holidays.

Gerald Ward Paramedic said, "We get to see people smile that don't usually get the opportunity to smile."

The ambulance service connects with local nursing homes and takes people home to see their families. The service is free of charge.

"We ate a nice Christmas dinner and had family around me and my grandson Wyatt," said Whatt.

Greg Whatt suffered from a stroke earlier this year. He lives in a full time nursing care facility and doesn't get the chance to see family often, but this Christmas he was in for a treat.

"That was a good smooth ride. They didn't charge me anything to come out and take me home," said Whatt.

Family Friend Glenn Douds, "It cost him $95 to come home for Thanksgiving, he didn't have that this year with it being Christmas you know, but thanks to lifeguard we you know had a good Christmas. "

Before scheduling an assigned pick up lifeguard just asks that family can properly care for the patient during their stay.

Patients like greg are just glad to be home with their families on Christmas, "We opened presents we had most of our family around. It was real nice.

Lifeguard plans to continue their home for the holidays service after next year on Thanksgiving.