Local Authorities Investigate Alleged Craigslist Killer's Claims

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Local authorities say they doubt the claims of a teenage murder suspect who claims she's killed 22 people including some here in the Panhandle.

Last week, during a jail house interview 19 year old Miranda Barbour claimed she killed "some" people while living in Bay County.

Pennsylvania authorities arrested Barbour and her husband, 22 year old Elytte Barbour, late last year for the murder.

The pair allegedly killed two middle aged men who answered Barbour's personal ad on Craigslist.

Shortly after her arrest Barbour claimed to be a serial killer, murdering as many as 22 people in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California.

However, in a second interview she gave Friday, Barbour now says she murder some people here in Bay County, when she was 15 years old.

Barbour told the reporter she was working as a go-go dancer at Club La Vela where she murder her victims and dumped their bodies in Mexico Beach.

She says her victims were all either transients or bad people.

Local investigators say they're aware of Barbour's claims.

"I was contacted last week by a reporter in Pennsylvania trying to get information on the case. I've been here since 2002. We've had no unsolved murders, we have no missing people that's unsolved. We have no reports of any bodies being found," said Glenn Norris, Mexico Beach Police Chief.

Beach Police say they have one case that could fit Barbour's time frame, a 48 year old man named Michael Blaine who disappeared from Dogwood Street in 2010.

"We're not even saying she's got anything to do with it, but when someone's claiming they've harmed someone in our city limits, and we do have an open case, we're gonna follow through on it," said Drew Whitman, Panama City Beach Police Chief.

Barbour says investigators, 'Are looking for full bodies,' then goes on to say, 'They won't find any, but they will find body parts.'

NewsChannel 7 checked with Club La Vela's managers and owners.

They say Barbour never worked for the nightclub.

Investigators in other states say they've checked out Barbour's leads and have yet to find any bodies or any evidence to substantiate her claims.