Local Businesses Tackle Distracted Driving

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Florida is one of six states that doesn't have a ban on texting while driving, but many Florida businesses are passing their own rules against the practice.

Some local businesses have a basic understanding among employees that they shouldn't text and drive, but others have instituted methods that are more defined, hoping to keep their employees focused behind the wheel.

National statistics say it takes and average of 4.6 seconds to send or receive a text message, at 55 miles per hour, that's like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. The statistic is one that Sean Wise emphasizes with his drivers at Two Men And A Truck.

"It puts everyone on safe," he said. "These trucks are very large so you know, having the ability to stop and follow at a safe distance is very crucial. Moments and seconds could be the difference in someone, you know, really getting injured or killed."

And he's not the only business taking matters into his own hands.

"We tell our drivers not even to take a phone call from us while they are driving," said Panama City Florist's Michael Cobb.

Officials at Panama City Florist have taken extra steps to ensure their drivers don't text while on the road - they've taken the function off of company cellphones.

While the policy won't stop employees from using their personal cellphones while driving, Cobb believes the move is one that's in the right direction, emphasizing that any employee that is involved in a texting and driving crash is held accountable for any costs.

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