Local Businesses say 'No' to Dangerous Neighborhoods

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PANAMA CITY-- Six shootings in the last two months have left five people dead.

Now some restaurants are thinking twice about where they deliver.

“There’s a couple neighborhoods that we just don't deliver to. We got some that we don't deliver to after dark,” said Kenneth Sheffield, Hungry Howies Employee.

Kenneth Sheffield has been working at Hungry Howies for 18 years, but says being a driver can be dangerous at times.

"The areas we don't go to is because drivers are robbed there in the past"

Local officials are also coming forward and speaking out about the recent violent activity.

"This is a small town and unfortunately accidents can happen anywhere"

Panama City Commissioner Billy Rader says people need to be more cognizant of their surroundings.

"We need to be aware of our surroundings and if you're delivering food it doesn't matter what restaurants, be careful."

Rader says local enforcement have been doing everything possible to keep the community safe.

But officials say they can't stop everyone from getting their hands on firearms.

"Every person that has been arrested thus far has a criminal background. They're breaking the law by obtaining a firearm illegally and committing a crime."

Rader says Panama City Police have made an arrest in every single shooting, except the one that occurred at Macedonia apartments on Thursday morning.