Canadian Visitors are Relieved Over International Driver's License

Canadian visitors to Panama City Beach are concerned about a new international driving permit.

Very few people know anything about the new requirement, but some snowbirds say they will not come back to Florida next year if they are required to get this extra permit.

Ron Telford has been coming to Panama City Beach for 17 years, but he says he will not be back for year 18 if he has to pay for an international driving permit.

"I don't think most of us would be coming down,” said Telford. “We would not be happy about getting another driver's license."

The Florida Legislature past a bill requiring all international drivers to get an IDP from their home country in 2012, it became law January, 1 without much fanfare.

This is because almost no one has complied, Florida Highway Patrol officials said they will not be enforcing the law, until the legislature addresses it again this spring.

Panama City Beach Police also will not be enforcing it.

That is good news for Telford and his fellow Canadian snowbirds.

"We enjoy coming down here,” he said. “Everyone is good and the reason we're here is because of the people and amenities."
The Highway Patrol said it is only requiring them to have a valid license from Canada.