Local Car Dealership Sues GM

MARIANNA-- A former General Motors car dealership in Marianna is suing GM and its financing division, GMAC, for 56 million dollars.

Hopkins motors was a long-time Pontiac/GM dealership.

Hopkins' attorneys claim GM promised Hopkins the Buick franchise in 2009, so the owners made facility improvements and took out a 1 and a half million dollar mortgage to finance the new vehicles.

But the lawsuit accuses GM of reneging on the Buick franchise, and launching a concerted effort to force Hopkins out as a GM dealer.

Hopkins claims the manufacturer cut the number of vehicles delivered to the dealership, and restricted financing options.

Lawyers also say other GM dealerships escaped the type treatment, even though they were in worse financial shape than Hopkins.

The lawsuit says GM's actions forced Hopkins to sell its GM franchises at rock bottom prices.

The owner is seeking 4 million dollars for each of the 14 counts in the lawsuit.