Local Charity Receives Funding For Repairs

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SPRINGFIELD - A local non-profit organization known for helping others in need, is getting some help of its own.

Catholic Charities received funding from its area chapter to improve two buildings.

Their 'Twice Treasured' thrift store and the St. Barnabas house transitional shelter both need improvements and have noticeable damages that need repair.

Many families donate clothing, toys, and household items that go to help families affected by disasters and hardship.

Robby Youd is the Interim Executive Director of the local, regional Catholic Charities and said, "We're gonna put in some new flooring, some new bathrooms, a new roof, some new siding, it'll be a pretty much a makeover. We're gonna repave the parking lot. The Barnabas house, we're gonna put a new roof on the Barnabas House and fix some of the stucco siding."

Catholic charities is planning to reopen their thrift store early in August.

You can still help by contributing to the fund through their website, www.catholiccharitiesnwfl.org .