Local Church Helping Women at the First Annual Ladies Auto Care Event

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PANAMA CITY- In 2012, Florida had 2,400 traffic crash fatalities.

And Florida Highway Patrol investigated about 206,000 crashes.

Beachside Fellowship Church partnered with Frimet Auto Center and Time Out Sports Grill to help keep single women, single mothers and grandmothers safe on the roads.

"We're able to help a lot of single ladies, moms and grandmas get a free oil change, free filter, free wipers on their car and make sure they were safe for driving," said Ramon Duvall, Beachside Fellowship Church Pastor.

The first annual lace or ladies auto care event took place this weekend at the auto center on panama city beach pkwy.

"Just to get out of the house today was a blessing for me. Just, I have an excuse to get away and spend time with some new people," said Allison Cromp, Panama City Beach resident.

About 40 women attended the event and some even made new friends.

According to "be car care aware", you should always follow a vehicle maintenance plan, be sure your car is inspected when you suspect there is a problem and correct the problem to help avoid the inconvenience and potential safety hazards.

"I needed all those things and it just worked out perfectly and its always good to have a hand up sometimes," said Cromp.

Overlooking routine car maintenance or ignoring warning signs can significantly add wear and tear, eventually killing your car.

"I think it's a great idea, Ramon approached me a couple months ago and thought it was a wonderful idea and hopefully we can do lots of stuff because there's a lot of people out there that need a lot of help," said Mike Frimet, Frimet Auto Center Owner.

"It was just a perfect day. A beautiful day to get a car wash and an oil change."