Local Clinic Suffers with Budget Cuts

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For the last several years, Bay County commissioners have given the St. Andrews Community Medical Center around $125,000 per year to help cover operational costs.

The facility sees close to 1200 patients a year, providing free service for residents of Bay County.

But commissioners cut the money for the upcorning year, believing the Bay Medical Foundation would cover the costs. Tuesday, officials from the Foundation said they never made that promise and that the clinic would need to apply for grants like every other health care entity in the area.

However, the money provided by the grants many not cover all of their expenses. Officials from the medical center say there will likely be a maximum amount of money for how much an organization can apply to receive. They say the amount they were told was $100,000.

"Even if we're successful with the grant process, it still would be less than what had been provided by the county commissioners in the past years," said Delbert Summey.

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