Local Club Teams Up with Animal Shelter

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More than half of the 9,000 animals bay county control handled last year had to be euthanized. This morning a local service club tried to improve those odds, club members kicked-off a new monthly adoption event.

The woman's club of panama city wants to put these animals into good homes. Club members held the first of what will be monthly adoption events Friday morning at the Bay County Government Center on West 11th Street.

"We're trying to raise the awareness of not only Bay County Animal Control but the shelter location,” said Bill Olasin of Bay County Animal Control the number of animals that we have so that we can possibly improve our adoptions and get some of these pets homes."

Of the 9,000 animals housed at the animal shelter last year, more than 5,000 had to be euthanized. "If you compare the euthanasia with what we call live release, be it adopted, be it fostered out, or be it sent to a rescue, then our euthanasia rate would be 65 percent," said Olasin.

"We felt like there were so many animals being euthanized on a yearly basis, now granted, not all animals can be adopted but if the citizens of Bay County know how many pets are available at Bay Animal Control,” said Jan Gainer, President of the Woman's Club of Panama City, “we will be able to adopt more of those animals out and get them into good loving homes."

The women's club plans to hold these monthly adoption events for the next 2 years. Residents can pick out a pet and take it home for an adoption fee of $75. That fee covers sterilization, any shots the pet may need, and micro-chipping. The women's club will hold the adoption events the first Friday of every month, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Bay County Government Center.

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