Local Deer Processing Company Delivering Bad News

Hunters do not just hunt for sport; many feed their families with the meat from their kills.

"Done Right" processing on Highway 77 is one of the newest deer and hog processing operations in Bay County.

Owner Nick Murphy dresses game for a lot of local hunters.

"He's always been very good,” said Mandy Warren. “We just picked up our deer. The price was very reasonable, we love the product, I share it with everyone at work, and they love it."

Murphy has processed almost 900 deer this season, but he has had to throw out almost a third of the meat.

"I've had to let a lot of people know that I personally have discarded their animal," said Murphy.

Murphy did not want to throw out the meat, he had to.

His freezers and refrigerators malfunctioned.

"It's an unfortunate circumstance that happened, but it happened none the less,” said Murphy. “I'm the first one to step up and deal with it."

Murphy’s taking responsibility, even though the refrigeration problems are not his fault.

In the past 10 days Murphy claims someone repeatedly sabotaged his business.

"We've been placed under the impression that we've had a little malicious tampering over night. It appears someone has been disabling my freezer and cooling unit."

The majority of Murphy’s customers aren't blaming him, and they are speculating about who is responsible.

"I'm sure whatever happened, he will fix it and it won't happen again," said Warren.

He is already taking precautions; updating store security and installing new locks.

He is also making it right for his customers offering a replacement deer or your next deer at cost.