Local Dogs in Need of Home

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WASHINGTON COUNTY Two different animal shelters are now trying to find homes for a group of dogs that were unavoidably abandoned. The owner of a Bonifay rescue center, where they were living, died. Some of the dogs are in urgent need of good homes.

Alaqua Animal Refuge and the Lucky Puppy Rescue are trying to find new homes for about 20 dogs.

"We received a phone call from a supporter of a rescue named Ben's Place,” said Alaqua founder Laurie Hood. “The owner and sole proprietor had passed away and left many dogs on the property."

Hood says the dogs are of mixed breed and ready to be adopted.
But neither Alaqua, nor Lucky Puppy had enough room to take all of the dogs. Six of them had nowhere to go and faced immediate euthanasia. That's when Animal Control of West Florida stepped in.

"They asked if we would be able to board some of the dogs that Alaqua was pulling that they just didn't have room for at the refuge,” said Animal Control Manager Belva Vaughn. “Of course we were very happy to help out."

Aside from the trauma that goes with a change in environment, the dogs seem to be doing well.

"They have been great,” said Vaughn. “They have outstanding disposition, they're pleasant. They've been nicely behaved."
If the dogs do not have a home by next week, they will go back to Alaqua.

If you would like to help, you can call Alaqua Animal Refuge at (850) 880-6399, or the animal shelter at (850) 638-2082.