A Robot Teaches Elementary School Students About STEM

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- FSU-Pc's stem institution introduced their beloved robot to Patronis Elementary School students Monday afternoon to help generate interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or stem.

The university bought Sammy the robot with a 50-thousand dollar donation from the AT&T foundation last year.

"I’ve seen robots on commercials and stuff but I’ve never seen one up close in person," said Vivienne Larsen.

Sammy demonstrated her tai-chi moves and played some games with the kids.

"I think it's apparent that this is what the students are interested in learning. And I feel as teachers, it's our responsibility to form curriculum that really motivates them to go after this kind of learning," said Melissa Jumbeck, fourth grade teacher.

Sammy has two cameras, four microphones and several sensors.

"We want our students to understand robotics, understand stem," said ginger Littleton, stem director for FSU-PC.

Littleton says it’s important for the kids to understand the programming behind Sammy.

"The main idea is to realize there is a person behind all of the things that Sammy does. In this case, the programmers are the ones are those that use Sammy’s machinery to basically get Sammy to do the things such as play Marco Polo."

Sammy’s programmer, FSU student Brain Hague, couldn't be happier to show her off to the students.

"I like working with kids because they have a lot of questions about the robot some of which college students probably wouldn't come up with," said Brian Hague, FSU pc student.