Local Families Get the Chance to Be Together for the Holiday's

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Lifeguard Ambulance Service has been participating in the nationwide "Home for the Holidays" program for years.
Since this is the company's first year in Bay County, its was a first for the workers and the families.
Doris Mincy and her family were missing one person at their Thanksgiving table, her father, Hosea.
But thanks to a new service in Panama City provided by Lifeguard Ambulance Service, their Thanksgiving table was soon filled.
"It's truly a blessing from God. I thank the Lord. The other morning I heard about the service on the TV and I gave them a call and it was just as easy as 1,2,3," said Mincy.
Chief Operator Gerald Ward and Lt. Chip Roberts spent their Thanksgiving transporting local nursing home patients to their families' homes for the holidays.
"It's a chance to take some of our local nursing home patients’ back to spend Thanksgiving day with their families," said Roberts.
If not for this new service, Doris would not have had a chance to spend Thanksgiving with her father .
"We're just blessed to have him here with us today,” she said. “It's a big family that prays together and sticks together and we're looking for a glorious time with brother Hosea today."
Ward and Luther both said it makes working on Thanksgiving all worth it.
"It's the most awesome feeling when you see the family and how happy they are to have their loved ones home and get to spend thanksgiving with their family," said Ward..
Lifeguard Ambulance Service will be running "Home for the Holiday's" again for Christmas.
For more information about the program, call 392-1620.

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