Local Family Soon Moves into Dream Home

A local family will soon be moving into a new home thanks to volunteers.
Groundbreaking took place Friday for the 63rd Habitat for Humanity home in Bay County.
In close to 90 days Sheena Anderson and her four children will move into their dream home in Panama City.
"They're all excited and ready to move in,” said Anderson. “They're constantly asking me, 'when can we pack and move in?"
Gulf Power donated enough money to cover the cost of the new home.
"They're using the advantage of a tax credit program through Tallahassee,” said Cornel Brock, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity. “Which allows them to donate up to $50,000."
The only catch; Habitat must build the home to "Earth Cents" standards, a higher energy standard than normally implemented.
"We've always been very much concerned about building sustainable, energy efficient homes. We're excited about this opportunity to learn more about that," said Brock.
They said it should help save the Anderson’s close to $50 a month in energy consumption.
To, make the home feel more like her own, Sheena volunteers every chance she gets.
"I come out every week to help volunteer. It's exciting, a hands on learning experience."
And once she moves into the home with her children she said she will not stop volunteering for Habitat.
"I will continue to be helping on with other homes as well."
Giving back to her community, as an appreciation for how they have helped her family.
Habitat officials are hoping both the Anderson's home and her neighbors, which is also a habitat home will be finished by March.
If you are interested in volunteering you can go to the site on Saturday’s or log on to www.habitatbay.org for more information.