National Fire Prevention Week Kicks Off

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It's National Fire Prevention Week and Saturday local firefighters held an open house sharing the importance of having two ways out in case of a fire.

Local firefighters will tell you, most house fires start on the stove after someone leaves food cooking unattended, but with the cooler weather beginning to set in, there's also a danger with portable heaters.

Saturday's open house at the Panama City Beach Fire Rescue was a creative and fun way to teach children about fire safety and the lessons they learned there will be helpful should they find themselves in trouble.

The kids planned out their exit routes as well as a meeting place with the help of their parents. They also were able to make their own fire truck and race car models.

Firefighters say the event is important to get members of the community inside the firehouse to see their job is more than just putting out fires - their job is also to teach fire prevention.

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