Local Florists Blossom on Valentine's Day

If you are a procrastinator and you have not gotten your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day, there is still hope for you.
This is the time of year local florists love, it is one of the busiest times for them.
Musgrove Florist in Panama City Beach is one of the oldest flower shops in Bay County, it is now under new ownership.
In fact, the couple has been there less than a week and they have been working well into the early morning hours getting ready for Valentine’s Day rush.
Close to 50 orders were sent out Wednesday and 80 more will head out in Thursday morning and who knows how many before the end of the day.
The Miller's say they do not mind being so busy.
If you are running behind on your Valentine's Day plans, Musgrove has dozens of orders ready for drop-ins because they know how some guys are.