Local Foreclosure Rates Dropping Slowly

More good news on the housing front today. Foreclosure rates in Bay County are falling.

Foreclosure Rate*
Sept. 2012 Sept. 2011
--------------- ---------------
Bay Co. 7.11% 7.88%
Florida 11.19% 12.31%
US 3.25% 3.52%

Corelogic reports foreclosure rates for September were a little more than 7%. That's down from Septembr 2011. And it's significantly lower than the state average, which is almost 11-point-2%.

But it's still more than twice as high as the national foreclosure rate of 3-and a quarter percent.

90+ Day Delinquency Rate*
Sept. 2012 Sept. 2011
---------------- ---------------
Bay Co. 10.79% 11.23%
Florida 16.17% 17.43%
US 6.69% 7.22%

Corelogic also found the Bay County mortgage delinquency rate was 11% for September. That's that's down from September 2011, and lower than the state rate of more than 16%.

But once again, it's significantly higher than the national delinquency average of about 6-and-a-half percent.

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