Local Girl Sells Lemonade for Families in Need

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WASHINGTON COUNTY While most middle schoolers are hanging out with friends or playing video games during summer break, one Washington County 6th grader was turning lemons into lemonade.

She spent a day putting others ahead of herself.

Keegan Welch's parents say the 11 year-old has always been a giver.

"We have done it since she started kindergarten," explained her mother Wendy Welch.

So it wasn't a surprise when officials from a local ministry spoke during a Vacation Bible School session about donating, Keegan took action.

"He was talking about how hard it is to keep it running and I went home that night and I got a little box, filled with things that I didn't want anymore and I included a $15 donation in there," said Keegan.

But Keegan did not stop there.

A few weeks later she set up this lemonade stand-- selling cups for 50¢ apiece.

"I honestly thought she was going to make $20 on this lemonade stand and gonna be so disappointed, but then when people started coming by and donating,” said Welch. “I was really impressed."

Keegan wound up with $160!

“I thought it was important because there's not a lot of people out there that don't have as much stuff as I do. They don't have a nice roof to live under. I thought I could give him more than just that one box," said Keegan.

Now that Keegan has finished with the Lemonade stand, that money will go toward a general fund that that helps pay the electrical, water, and medical bills for Washington County residents in need.

"People like Ms.Keegan have just overwhelmingly blown us away with what our children can do for the community. That just totally put me in tears," said Love in Action Director Sam Hagan.

Keegan says she's now figuring out the next way to pay it forward.

Love in Action is opened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10 a.m-2 p.m. They are located at 1359 Watts Ave. in Chipley. You can give them a call at (850) 638-0182.