Local Housing Market Showing Signs of Recovery

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Matt Brandman is a builder, developer, and owner of Samuel Taylor homes.

He is one of the men behind the Breakfast Point subdivision. The weak housing market has taken its tole on his business the last 8 years.

"It's like doing stuff for practice. It wasn't the most profitable time for most builders. The banks weren't really giving money for anybody, but i think everyone is coming around," says Brandman.

His man in charge of sales, Randall Fischer, agrees, "I think honestly it's more of a attitude. You can just feel the lightening of peoples concerns. They are not concerned about the market anymore, they are coming out more in droves."

Realtor Katie Patronis says developers have played an important role in the housing markets rebound.

Brandman and partners are now developing Whisper Dunes, consisting of 129 single family homes on the west end of Panama City Beach.

"Every home under construction creates 60 thousand dollars of revenue into the local economy so if you look at the number of new homes being constructed in the area now as opposed to a few years ago, it's obvious it's impact on the local restaurants and business," says Brandman.

With 5 homes sold in January, Samuel Taylor homes and Bay County are expecting to have a good year.

Whisper Dunes will break ground on Monday.